What are multipunter slots and how popular are they?

January 6, 2022 By Pansy

slot featureMultipunter slots have been around for a long time, but they haven’t gained mass popularity. Therefore, many punters are not even aware of this possibility. Although someone should like this entertainment. The principle of multipunter slots that they allow the game to several punters at the same time.  

Everyone plays the same slot machine, but everyone has his own screen and fall their symbols on the reels. You can see other punters’ screens and they can see yours. At the same time there is an opportunity to communicate, and the best part is that they have a common bonus game. If one of the punters activates the bonus game, it is activated for all of them and everyone can get winnings, only on different slots the winnings will be different.    How popular are multipunter slots? It is assumed that this type of slots gives more positive emotions, as there is communication with other punters. Shared emotions and support, of course, can make the game more fun. However, in reality, only a few choose multipunter slots. And the fact is that friends and acquaintances don’t often use online casinos as a place to meet and share fun. No matter what attempts are made, online casino punters are used to playing on their own.  

There are no other special advantages of multipunter slots. You can play it in one of the best online casinos Canada. Only chat and general bonus activation. Therefore, for those who do not have gambling friends, it makes no sense to sit with strangers and congratulate them on their winnings and in general comment on what is happening.  

On this topic Online casinos where they accept dollars. Advantages and choice Limited choice If the limited choice in online casinos could be counted a couple of hundred slots, in the case of multipunter slots we are not even talking about dozens. Microgaming is the only current provider of multipunter slots for online casinos. And there are only a few slots in its collection.  

You can find Playboy Multi-Player Slot, Terminator 2, No Worries, Wheel of Wealth, Sure Win, Centre Court, Isis Multipunter. Most of the slots look outdated, and some few people have even heard of them. It is possible that Microgaming has a couple more or three slots adapted to play several clients at once. 

 If you consider how often the developer releases slots for multipunter game, it becomes obvious that the demand for them is low. After all, supply depends on demand. So, most likely, the majority of slots will never be adapted.  

Multipunter slots in real casinos But in land-based casinos the situation seems to be different. There they came more to the place. In large casinos you can often find several slots, united by one huge screen. If you imagine a multipunter game in a real casino, it really seems like they fit the atmosphere there more. Some even say that such slots gather a queue. IGT, for example, offers a series of Center Stage slots that go four slots with a total screen of 70 inches or five slots with a screen of 103 inches. They offer a whole series based on the themes of mega popular movies: Avatar, The Dark Knight: Legend Reborn, Sex and the City. Obviously, in land-based casinos, people like the chance to share bonuses and socialize with someone.  There are even some amazing structures like the one in the picture below. This multipunter slot is produced by IGT, which offers quite a few options for multiple punters to play together. For example, they also have slots like CrystalCurve, which work as separate slots but can also be combined together to make a multipunter slot with one big screen.