How to play online casino roulette?

January 21, 2021 By Pansy

In order to understand how to play online casino roulette, it is enough to get acquainted with the play principles in average land-based establishments. The fact is that modern technologies of virtual gambling sites in Australia allow you to completely transfer the game process to the expanses of the internet. In this case, all the rules and features for which players are so fond of this magic wheel are saved unchanged.

Land-based Roulette

It must be said that the modern roulettes are virtually no different from their distant ancestors, known in France back in the eighteenth century. In every casino in Australia you will meet a familiar design, which has long been one of the most recognizable symbols of gambling.

Technically, roulettes are a horizontally placed wheel divided into sectors. The number of the latter is usually 37 or 38 (if the game has a double zero), and all of them are counted from 0 to 36 in a certain order. The spinning wheel launches the ball, which eventually falls into one of the wells with the number.  The goal of the player is to guess which number will fall out. The options available for betting are as follows:

  • exact number;
  • on two, three, four, five or even six numbers;
  • on twelve numbers — by columns or dozens;
  • on simple odds — red or black, even or odd, big half of the numbers or smaller part, etc.

Of course, the odds of winning depend on the bet; the player gets the maximum prize when the number is guessed correctly, and the smallest odds (1:1) are on simple odds.

In addition to these types of bets, in roulettes you can try to guess on which part of the wheel the ball will stop. They are called “verbal bets” and for them on the gaming table there is a special track.

In Australia, the American version of roulettes is the most common casino game, which is dynamic and engaging from the start.

Online Roulette

Online gambling providers have tried to do everything possible to ensure that players who prefer roulettes’ versions in electronics formats will get all the emotions and gambling experience that they achieve when playing at land-based pokies. When implementing online versions of roulettes, the manufacturers use all the achievements of graphics advancements, allowing players to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the game. Sound accomplishment does not lag behind, and with great accuracy it has reproduced the sounds of roulette rotation, rustling the ball on the wheel and other design elements.

The basic rules of roulettes are the same at all online sites that exist in Australia. There may be minor differences, which relate to:

  • upper and lower betting limits;
  • the fate of bets on simple odds for zeros and double zeros;
  • other not too significant moments.

The Bottom Line

Today, it is possible to get real pleasure from playing roulettes on a lot of online platforms that are available in Australia. Playing online is in many ways more convenient, because there is no need to personally go somewhere: at the roulette table there is always a place for you. In addition, modern online casinos create all the conveniences for visitors, both in terms of choice of gambling entertainment, and in terms of support for payment systems and rapid registration.

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